Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Kai has been taking steps since her birthday, but as I mentioned before, she hasn't really been that interested in walking. And by that I mean walking without her cart or without holding onto our hand... she loves to walk if she has a bit of a security object. But, I think she hasn't tried it much on her own because crawling is so much faster, especially when you've perfected the art of putting your head down and charging forward. She can really get across a room. But, as I also mentioned before, Kailey likes balls (in the words of Penny, "Kailey likes big girl balls"). Kailey also likes to crawl with her favorite objects in her hands -- something that is challenging with a ball twice the size of your head. So, this last week, she decided that walking has a purpose when it comes to playing ball... and now she walks whenever she is trying to pick up and dribble her ball. All the other times, crawling is just fine by her. I sort of like that utilitarian spirit, although, there is also something to be said for walking for the sake of walking!

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