Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Today at music class, the instructor got out her synthesizer to start playing the Hello song, and was immediately bombarded by 4 newly minted one year olds interested in "helping" her welcome everyone to class. Kai, of course, was among them. Two of the kids are twins, and their mother grabbed them and bounced them on her knee and kept them occupied during the song. The other baby settled into his mom's arms for the song, recognizing that he wasn't going to get to play the instrument at that moment.

Not Kai. She is not so easily deterred (or her mom is not nearly as good at distracting her as those other moms are their children! Did I mention the twins?) She squirmed, wiggled and pushed against me to get back on the ground and made another mad dash to the synthesizer. I grabbed her again, and then she immediately shrieked and squirmed. I lifted her over my head (which she usually likes), and she did her straight-arm maneuver -- where she makes her body go limp while simultaneously throwing her arms over her head so that she slithers out of your grip. Very crafty to her, although not exactly safe. I managed to keep ahold of her (as I always do), but she continued twwiiissttingg and escaped long enough to make another mad dash to the instrument. I grabbed her again, hoping everyone was enjoying our little show, rather than thinking my child was a complete pain.

At that point, about halfway through the song, Kai changed tactics. She sat in my lap for about 20 seconds listening to the song. Then she got into a crawl position, but headed away from the synthesizer, slowly heading towards her friend Xavier who was sitting across the circle. She made it about a quarter of the way to Xavier and then she spun on her knee and charged toward the synthesizer, apparently thinking we wouldn't notice her sudden change in direction and intent! It was hysterical. The teacher - who is normally so good at ignoring all the chaos and keeping us focused - burst into laughter. After the song was over, she remarked, "that was too funny. She was totally trying to fake us out! She's so clever."

That Kai. Have I mentioned her stubborn streak?

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