Saturday, May 23, 2009

Ball Obsessed

Kailey LOVES balls. She can say "ball" and any time she sees one, she goes after it. She has gotten pretty good at "throwing" balls. It's really just picking it, lifting it over her head, and then she lets go (it often takes a bit of convincing to get her to let it go... she will fake a few passes first, thrusting it at us but refusing to let go at the last minute. The balls are so hard to part with!) She laughs hysterically and shouts when she finally tosses it - so proud of herself. And then immediately starts crawling after it (she didn't really want to let it go).

We were at Tumble and Tea today and they have one of those big yoga balls, which Kai was pushing around and then she decided she wanted to throw that one too -- I didn't think she would be able to get it off the ground, but she proved me wrong. She squatted down in front of it and liiiffftteeedddd... a few inches off the ground, grinning the whole time. The world's smallest strong man competition. It was hysterical.

And then this afternoon we were at the playground and she found a basketball. We were practicing walking, meaning she was toddling around holding onto one of my fingers. She will take a few steps on her own every now and again, but she doesn't seem to have much interest in walking. Kai has a need for speed... and walking just doesn't cut it for her. But, she's pretty fast holding onto one finger... so, that is an acceptable mode of transportation. Anyway, we came upon the basketball and she gave it a kick and then "ran" after it, kicked it again, repeat and repeat across the playground. Let it be said -- she dribbled before she walked. My future Mia Hamm. She also kept putting her foot on top of the ball and rolling it around that way. She's got some serious coordination skills for someone who refuses to walk (also a bit of a stubborn streak... maybe I should quit saying, "Kailey can you walk?" I'm sure if she could talk she'd say, "I cannnn... but I won't." She isn't one to do things on command.)

I wish I could bring our 100 little plastic balls that we got her for her birthday onto the plane with us in a few weeks -- I am sure if we let 100 balls loose in the aisle of the plane and let her crawl up and down the aisle spilling the balls every which way she'd be entertained the whole flight. Since that is probably not an option, I'm buying her a koosh ball.... less rolling, but I'm hoping she'll still be entertained by it.

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