Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Today at music class, the instructor got out her synthesizer to start playing the Hello song, and was immediately bombarded by 4 newly minted one year olds interested in "helping" her welcome everyone to class. Kai, of course, was among them. Two of the kids are twins, and their mother grabbed them and bounced them on her knee and kept them occupied during the song. The other baby settled into his mom's arms for the song, recognizing that he wasn't going to get to play the instrument at that moment.

Not Kai. She is not so easily deterred (or her mom is not nearly as good at distracting her as those other moms are their children! Did I mention the twins?) She squirmed, wiggled and pushed against me to get back on the ground and made another mad dash to the synthesizer. I grabbed her again, and then she immediately shrieked and squirmed. I lifted her over my head (which she usually likes), and she did her straight-arm maneuver -- where she makes her body go limp while simultaneously throwing her arms over her head so that she slithers out of your grip. Very crafty to her, although not exactly safe. I managed to keep ahold of her (as I always do), but she continued twwiiissttingg and escaped long enough to make another mad dash to the instrument. I grabbed her again, hoping everyone was enjoying our little show, rather than thinking my child was a complete pain.

At that point, about halfway through the song, Kai changed tactics. She sat in my lap for about 20 seconds listening to the song. Then she got into a crawl position, but headed away from the synthesizer, slowly heading towards her friend Xavier who was sitting across the circle. She made it about a quarter of the way to Xavier and then she spun on her knee and charged toward the synthesizer, apparently thinking we wouldn't notice her sudden change in direction and intent! It was hysterical. The teacher - who is normally so good at ignoring all the chaos and keeping us focused - burst into laughter. After the song was over, she remarked, "that was too funny. She was totally trying to fake us out! She's so clever."

That Kai. Have I mentioned her stubborn streak?


Kai has been taking steps since her birthday, but as I mentioned before, she hasn't really been that interested in walking. And by that I mean walking without her cart or without holding onto our hand... she loves to walk if she has a bit of a security object. But, I think she hasn't tried it much on her own because crawling is so much faster, especially when you've perfected the art of putting your head down and charging forward. She can really get across a room. But, as I also mentioned before, Kailey likes balls (in the words of Penny, "Kailey likes big girl balls"). Kailey also likes to crawl with her favorite objects in her hands -- something that is challenging with a ball twice the size of your head. So, this last week, she decided that walking has a purpose when it comes to playing ball... and now she walks whenever she is trying to pick up and dribble her ball. All the other times, crawling is just fine by her. I sort of like that utilitarian spirit, although, there is also something to be said for walking for the sake of walking!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Ball Obsessed

Kailey LOVES balls. She can say "ball" and any time she sees one, she goes after it. She has gotten pretty good at "throwing" balls. It's really just picking it, lifting it over her head, and then she lets go (it often takes a bit of convincing to get her to let it go... she will fake a few passes first, thrusting it at us but refusing to let go at the last minute. The balls are so hard to part with!) She laughs hysterically and shouts when she finally tosses it - so proud of herself. And then immediately starts crawling after it (she didn't really want to let it go).

We were at Tumble and Tea today and they have one of those big yoga balls, which Kai was pushing around and then she decided she wanted to throw that one too -- I didn't think she would be able to get it off the ground, but she proved me wrong. She squatted down in front of it and liiiffftteeedddd... a few inches off the ground, grinning the whole time. The world's smallest strong man competition. It was hysterical.

And then this afternoon we were at the playground and she found a basketball. We were practicing walking, meaning she was toddling around holding onto one of my fingers. She will take a few steps on her own every now and again, but she doesn't seem to have much interest in walking. Kai has a need for speed... and walking just doesn't cut it for her. But, she's pretty fast holding onto one finger... so, that is an acceptable mode of transportation. Anyway, we came upon the basketball and she gave it a kick and then "ran" after it, kicked it again, repeat and repeat across the playground. Let it be said -- she dribbled before she walked. My future Mia Hamm. She also kept putting her foot on top of the ball and rolling it around that way. She's got some serious coordination skills for someone who refuses to walk (also a bit of a stubborn streak... maybe I should quit saying, "Kailey can you walk?" I'm sure if she could talk she'd say, "I cannnn... but I won't." She isn't one to do things on command.)

I wish I could bring our 100 little plastic balls that we got her for her birthday onto the plane with us in a few weeks -- I am sure if we let 100 balls loose in the aisle of the plane and let her crawl up and down the aisle spilling the balls every which way she'd be entertained the whole flight. Since that is probably not an option, I'm buying her a koosh ball.... less rolling, but I'm hoping she'll still be entertained by it.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

These Days Are Just Packed

A little Calvin and Hobbes reference for you with the title! I can't believe how long it's been since I wrote an update! Things have been so busy with work, remodeling and keeping up with Kailey. She is a busy little person these days. She has no interest in sitting around the house. We have been taking multiple trips to the playground (as in multiple trips in a single day!). She likes to be on the move, even though she isn't walking on her own yet. She loves walking with her cart. We take it across the street to the playground and she goes everywhere with it, laughing it up. And, last weekend we went to Yosemite for a Tuolumne River Trust event and decided to do a bit of hiking before heading home. Kai spent the first mile or so in the backpack, but then got sick of that so we let her loose, and she hiked about a 1/2 mile on her own (holding onto one of our fingers for support). She was shouting and laughing as she walked, as if to say "look at me!" I told her it would be more impressive if she did it without holding onto one of our fingers (I know, so unsupportive of me). She also likes to climb. If there's a way to get somewhere higher, she is all about it. There is a climbing wall at the playground across the street, which she has figured out how to get up. We were both amazed as we watched her/spotted her the first time. And now she has taken to moving the cart next to a couch/chair/shelf and trying to crawl up from the cart (which has wheels). A little thrill-seeker, that one.

Kailey's latest favorite work is "hi". When people come up to her at the store and wave and say "hi" she looks at them skeptically... BUT, as soon as they leave, she waves and yells "HI!" And, when I come into the room she'll wave and say, "Hi! Hi! Hi!" It's pretty cute. She continues to babble with the best of them, but still not many other words. I think she says, "up" - although, she also puts her hands in the air when she wants up, so I know what she means even if the word isn't quite there.

She knows plenty of words that she doesn't say. In the morning, we say "do you want to go play with Penny?" and she whips her head around like we just offered her the moon and thrusts her hands in the air emphatically. She loves spending her days with Penny and Doug. And, she has started using the "all done" sign on her own at meals. It used to be that we would ask her "are you all done?" and she would agree by putting her hands up and shoving them in our direction. But now, she does that on her own -- sometimes early in the meal (which leads to us saying, no... not all done. MORE. And then she pumps her hands up with a bit more force... ahhh, so funny).

It is so fun to be beginning to communicate with her and to watch her reaction to things.

Hopefully it won't be a month again before my next post!! Here are some new pictures: