Thursday, April 2, 2009

Happy April

(Kailey looking a LOT like Eric. Uncanny, isn't it?)

Can you believe it's April? This month last year, we unexpectedly welcomed Kai into the world. I have to say, given how everything has turned out, I'm glad. I think people born in April are awesome -- some of my favorite people were born this month (of course, one of my top two favorite people was born in June... so that would have worked too!), including my favorite nearly ONE year old. One! Lately, she acts every day of a toddler -- throwing food, throwing her head back in protest while you're holding her causing you to nearly drop her, spitting at you while you do things that she considers to be high offenses (like changing her diaper), clearly understanding what you're saying and doing exactly the opposite.

This child has a strong will. Strong. Very. Willed. That's her. She knows what she wants, and tends to go after it. We were at Tumble and Tea today (the play space/cafe I wrote about earlier) and Kai decided she wanted this certain toy that another child was playing with. He was not into sharing. I grabbed Kai, moved her far away, and gave her five other toys. She looked at them, looked at me, and made a beeline back for the little boy holding the toy she had her eyes on. Repeat half a dozen times. The poor little boy was shooting daggers at me that clearly said, "can't you control her?" Apparently not.

We are heading to NYC in June. Kai's first cross-country trip. She'll be 14 months and I think she's going to have a blast. I can't wait.

Before we get to that, though, we have a MASSIVE party to throw. Seriously. I have never thrown a party for this many people. Kai is clearly many times more popular than either of her parents.

Happy April!!

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