Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Birthday Weekend Extravaganza

Kai's birthday weekend was jammed-packed full of activities and fun. My parents, Katie and Becca arrived on Wednesday night, and Thursday we dug right in. We started the day having breakfast at Tumble & Tea so Kai could play while we ate:

Then we headed to Tilden Park and took in a steam train ride. The steam train freaked Kai out a little bit, but she didn't cry. She just had a look of terror on her face. She is so good at holding it together though. She had a tight grip on me the whole time we were on the train.

After the steam train, we went to Little Farm (also in Tilden Park). She LOVED the animals at Little Farm, of course. This is Kai we're talking about!! Animals continue to be one of her very favorite things. She pointed and growled at the pigs, chicks, cows, ducks and other critters.

After Tilden Park, Kailey took her afternoon nap and that afternoon we headed to the playground and let her take off with her walker and crawl around the play structure.

Friday, Kai's birthday! Kailey started her day by waking her aunts up at the very pleasant hour of 7 AM. They didn't mind.

Then, we went to breakfast at our local breakfast spot and told our favorite waiter that it was Kai's birthday! At the end of the meal, they brought out a waffle with a candle and everyone sang happy birthday to Kailey.

After breakfast, we headed to the Discovery Museum, and Kailey had a blast climbing around and splashing in the water. She got so wet splashing around. Total water baby!!

After the museum, we headed to Costco to get the party food while Kailey napped. Once we got home, it was present time. Kailey loved opening her presents. She would carefully rip the paper off one present, check out whatever box she had unwrapped, and then turn her attention promptly to the next gift. Such a task master! She made her way through each present, which was a little shocking. We expected that we'd be opening most of the gifts! Such focus!

After the unwrapping was done, we unleashed the bag of 100 balls that we had bought for the party next day. Kailey adores balls, and we thought her little head was going to explode with the excitement of it all. In fact, the next day at the party Sarah told me that she had asked Penny what they should get Kai for her birthday and Penny responded, "Kailey likes balls. She likes to play with my big girls balls." Penny is very observant and Kai was entertained for quite a long time by the balls.

We have a video of the balls being unleashed:

In fact, the next morning, she insisted on eating her breakfast with one of her balls. It was so funny, she'd get a ball or two in her hands and then get frustrated because she couldn't do anything else, but she refused to let go of her precious balls.

Saturday was party day! The party was lovely. We had a great group of friends and colleagues come celebrate with us, all of the kids had a blast, and the weather was ideal.

After the party (and a long nap) we opened some more presents, and then headed to my parent's hotel room for some swimming. Kailey is such a California girl -- she LOVES the water, and had a blast splashing around and cracking up at Eric blowing bubbles and doing cannonballs.

When we got back to the hotel room after swimming, Kai decided to take her first steps! The look on her face was pure determination. She didn't get far before falling, but she tried repeatedly and - any day now - she'll be toddling all over the place.

Sunday morning we headed to San Francisco to go to the Park Chalet for brunch. The weather was remarkable -- almost too hot. After breakfast, Kai played on the beach for the first time ever and had fun scooping up the sand and cracking up at Oscar as he dug holes.

Wow! Looking at this post and all the pictures, it's clear that in subsequent years we are going to have to set the bar MUCH lower. I don't know if I could top this birthday weekend. She'll be expecting trips around the world by the time she's 10!! Happy Birthday, Kai!!!

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