Sunday, March 8, 2009

This and That

Funniest quote of the week: "Kai's feet are starting to taste like feet." - Eric

New tricks:
- rolling the sparkly ball (that Kai ADORES) back and forth with us
- eating a whole banana by herself (as well as blueberries, bread, cereal bars... she's feeding herself!)

Adventure of the week: The zoo! I've been wanting to take Kai to the zoo for some time now, but the weather has foiled me the past few weeks. But, yesterday was a glorious day, my mom was in town, and so we decided to head to the zoo. It was so much fun. Kai especially loved the meerkats and spent a good deal of time growling at them and grinning ear to ear. The growling is hysterical - and is her "word" for anything fuzzy with four legs (or any non-human animal really). We'll say to her, "Kai, cats go meow" and she'll cock her head to one side, furrow her brow and grrrooowwwwllll. It's funny. But, even though she doesn't really get how animals are different - she loves them all and the zoo was a huge hit. I forgot my camera (I KNOW! What kind of mother am I?!) but, my mom had hers (or else I would have had to go back home to get my camera). Ahhh.. my mom sent the pictures!! Here they are:

Latest development: Top teeth! Two of them! They're so cute when she grins, less so when she grinds them, and don't even get me started on the biting. Ouch.

Biggest bummer of the week: Another fever! Kai is working hard to build up her immune system, it seems. Every other week brings a new cold. Last night she spiked her highest fever yet -- 102.7 under the arm, which is really closer to 104. Poor baby. She's had a fever all day and is one unhappy baby.

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