Sunday, March 22, 2009

Kai's Protector

Yesterday, we met Sarah and Penny at Tumble and Tea, this awesome place in Berkeley that has great food, WiFi access, comfy couches and tables, and a ton of room for kids to play including a "castle", costumes, a train set, mirrors, an infant space. It's terrific. You can hang out, eat good food, chat, and watch your kids run wild - which was essentially what we were doing.

Kai and Penny were playing together when two older boys came over to play with the Velcro wall that was next to where we were all sitting. They played nicely for a moment, and then started bickering. A plastic tube was thrown and they were starting to get pushy. I hadn't even really realized what was going on -- they weren't out of control, they were just starting to get a little worked up. But, Penny was right on it. She went and sat behind Kai, putting her arms around her, and then shot the most menacing look I have ever seen an almost-three year old make towards the boys. There was no mistaking, her look said, "you better back off and get away from this baby." We all started cracking up, but Penny didn't flinch or alter her gaze until the boys' mother came over and removed them from our area.

Later, Sarah asked Penny about it, "Did you protect Kai today?" Penny thought about it for a second and then said, "YEAH. Those boys were gonna SMACK her so I put my arms around her."

So sweet and so protective. Kai is lucky to have a friend like Penny.

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Kathryn J said...

That is the best story ever... love love love it. Kai is indeed lucky (in a lot of ways, in fact).