Monday, March 16, 2009


It was a busy weekend for Kailey. She started clapping this weekend - observe:

And she stood up holding onto her walker and just took off across the room -- this is her second go at it:

She has also figured out how to get across the room while holding onto something (although, she looks a bit funny in the process):

We also had a good time at the playground. Doug has been taking Kai and Penny to the park for awhile and told us how she loves the swings, so this weekend we took her to the swings in our neighborhood. She had a ball:

She also is starting to understand more and more. When you say, "where's daddy?" she'll turn and point at Eric (or at me if you say "where's mommy?"). She calls Oscar "grrrr" and Abby "baaaa". And, as you can see from the clapping video, she understands what you're asking her to do sometimes. It's all very cool -- although, a few times this weekend Eric and I turned to each other and said, "where did our baby go?"

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JenG said...

That last pic in the swing is so cute! you are indeed losing your baby and moving into toddlerhood -- she sounds very busy these days.