Tuesday, March 17, 2009

9-1-1 part II

Tuesdays are Eric's day home with Kailey, which means he usually hangs with her all day and the I get home from work at about 6 for our evening routine. But since today is her 11 month birthday and also St. Patrick's Day, I wanted to take her to a holiday party at my former employer and show her off a bit. So, Eric dropped her off with me at 5 for the party, and proceeded back home, where he was met with a gaggle of cops, paramedics and firefighters.

"Did you call 911?" they inquired.

"No." Eric answered

"There was a 911 call from this house about 15 minutes ago." They insisted.

"Umm... we were just on our way out at that time, but I didn't call 911." Eric replied.

"Do you have a small child?" They asked.

Ahhh... yes, yes, we do. And she loves the phone. She previously figured out how to get the receivers to call one another, which baffled me. I had never known how to do that! And, now, she has figured out how to summon the Oakland life saving squad to her home for her amusement. Given that they have already been summoned on her behalf (clearing throat... um... 3 months ago) when she ingested an oak leaf, I really wish she hadn't happened upon their number once again. That's our kid - eater of small, sharp leaves and prank caller. Next time, Kai, try Italy.

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