Sunday, March 29, 2009

At the playground

We have an elementary school across the street from our house -- which is where Kai will go if we're still here when she turns five. Anyway, there are no swings at the school's playground, so we hadn't taken her there before. But, there is a fantastic play structure for climbing on, surrounded by rubber flooring to help break any tumbles. Yesterday, we realized that Kai would probably really enjoy climbing and crawling around the play structure, and practicing walking with a bit more space than a 14 foot span. So, we headed over to the school, walker in hand. She loved it. She crawled up all the steps and traversed the entire play structure. It was really cool to see her climbing. And, she got some good walking practice in, too:

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Kai's Protector

Yesterday, we met Sarah and Penny at Tumble and Tea, this awesome place in Berkeley that has great food, WiFi access, comfy couches and tables, and a ton of room for kids to play including a "castle", costumes, a train set, mirrors, an infant space. It's terrific. You can hang out, eat good food, chat, and watch your kids run wild - which was essentially what we were doing.

Kai and Penny were playing together when two older boys came over to play with the Velcro wall that was next to where we were all sitting. They played nicely for a moment, and then started bickering. A plastic tube was thrown and they were starting to get pushy. I hadn't even really realized what was going on -- they weren't out of control, they were just starting to get a little worked up. But, Penny was right on it. She went and sat behind Kai, putting her arms around her, and then shot the most menacing look I have ever seen an almost-three year old make towards the boys. There was no mistaking, her look said, "you better back off and get away from this baby." We all started cracking up, but Penny didn't flinch or alter her gaze until the boys' mother came over and removed them from our area.

Later, Sarah asked Penny about it, "Did you protect Kai today?" Penny thought about it for a second and then said, "YEAH. Those boys were gonna SMACK her so I put my arms around her."

So sweet and so protective. Kai is lucky to have a friend like Penny.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

9-1-1 part II

Tuesdays are Eric's day home with Kailey, which means he usually hangs with her all day and the I get home from work at about 6 for our evening routine. But since today is her 11 month birthday and also St. Patrick's Day, I wanted to take her to a holiday party at my former employer and show her off a bit. So, Eric dropped her off with me at 5 for the party, and proceeded back home, where he was met with a gaggle of cops, paramedics and firefighters.

"Did you call 911?" they inquired.

"No." Eric answered

"There was a 911 call from this house about 15 minutes ago." They insisted.

"Umm... we were just on our way out at that time, but I didn't call 911." Eric replied.

"Do you have a small child?" They asked.

Ahhh... yes, yes, we do. And she loves the phone. She previously figured out how to get the receivers to call one another, which baffled me. I had never known how to do that! And, now, she has figured out how to summon the Oakland life saving squad to her home for her amusement. Given that they have already been summoned on her behalf (clearing throat... um... 3 months ago) when she ingested an oak leaf, I really wish she hadn't happened upon their number once again. That's our kid - eater of small, sharp leaves and prank caller. Next time, Kai, try Italy.

Monday, March 16, 2009


It was a busy weekend for Kailey. She started clapping this weekend - observe:

And she stood up holding onto her walker and just took off across the room -- this is her second go at it:

She has also figured out how to get across the room while holding onto something (although, she looks a bit funny in the process):

We also had a good time at the playground. Doug has been taking Kai and Penny to the park for awhile and told us how she loves the swings, so this weekend we took her to the swings in our neighborhood. She had a ball:

She also is starting to understand more and more. When you say, "where's daddy?" she'll turn and point at Eric (or at me if you say "where's mommy?"). She calls Oscar "grrrr" and Abby "baaaa". And, as you can see from the clapping video, she understands what you're asking her to do sometimes. It's all very cool -- although, a few times this weekend Eric and I turned to each other and said, "where did our baby go?"

Friday, March 13, 2009

Adventures in Eating

Pictures are worth 1000 words.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sunday, March 8, 2009

This and That

Funniest quote of the week: "Kai's feet are starting to taste like feet." - Eric

New tricks:
- rolling the sparkly ball (that Kai ADORES) back and forth with us
- eating a whole banana by herself (as well as blueberries, bread, cereal bars... she's feeding herself!)

Adventure of the week: The zoo! I've been wanting to take Kai to the zoo for some time now, but the weather has foiled me the past few weeks. But, yesterday was a glorious day, my mom was in town, and so we decided to head to the zoo. It was so much fun. Kai especially loved the meerkats and spent a good deal of time growling at them and grinning ear to ear. The growling is hysterical - and is her "word" for anything fuzzy with four legs (or any non-human animal really). We'll say to her, "Kai, cats go meow" and she'll cock her head to one side, furrow her brow and grrrooowwwwllll. It's funny. But, even though she doesn't really get how animals are different - she loves them all and the zoo was a huge hit. I forgot my camera (I KNOW! What kind of mother am I?!) but, my mom had hers (or else I would have had to go back home to get my camera). Ahhh.. my mom sent the pictures!! Here they are:

Latest development: Top teeth! Two of them! They're so cute when she grins, less so when she grinds them, and don't even get me started on the biting. Ouch.

Biggest bummer of the week: Another fever! Kai is working hard to build up her immune system, it seems. Every other week brings a new cold. Last night she spiked her highest fever yet -- 102.7 under the arm, which is really closer to 104. Poor baby. She's had a fever all day and is one unhappy baby.