Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Sweet Tooth

This has been a trying week for eating. In part, because we've all had colds and Kailey is not really into solid foods when she's sick. Also, because I introduced peaches. Well, that's my theory.

A little history into Kailey's adventures in solid foods. I started her with rice cereal (of course) and then a vegetable (sweet potatoes). Then we moved to avocados, which she LOVED and bananas, which she also quite enjoyed. Then squash, carrots, peas... which she ate, even though she'd make quite a face while eating them. But, hey! She didn't know any better. She'd only ever tasted 6 foods -- most of them veggies. For all she knew, most foods just tasted kind of vegetablish!

Then, we moved to pears, and it was hard to go back to the peas, but, she would still swallow a few bites if you started with peas. Or, if you mixed the peas with squash or something slightly less offensive then pure peas. Squash and carrots stayed on the approved list. I introduced apples and edamame at the same time. The apples were approved, the edamame not right away. Although, I am persistent in my efforts with the unapproved foods. Things she likes immediately she gets every few days. Things she rejects she gets every day or every other day. Aren't I a nice mommy?! Corn was rejected, which I chalked up to the texture. Corn tamales approved -- they are, after all, quite sweet.

Because I would stick to foods for several days, Kai seemed to eventually accept most everything I gave her and I felt like we were making progress and building up the menu of foods to choose from. That is, until this last week. Up until now, nothing has really been rejected outright (even if it was rejected for a particular meal). She just had more enthusiasm for some things (pears, apples, avocados) then others (everything else).

And then I screwed it all up. This last week, I introduced peaches. It turns out pureed peaches taste like pie. Seriously. Try it. They are really, really good. I had no idea. And, Kailey agrees. I gave her one bite of peaches and her eyes got all wide, and she popped her little mouth open for another bite. And another. And another. Like feeding a baby bird. More, more, more. She finished the baby cube in mere minutes, and then I tried to move onto some avocado. AVOCADO, people. One of her all time favorite foods. But, at the first taste of the non-peachy food, she hollered. And then cried. If she could have said, "MORE PEACHES" she would have. I tried again, she cried again. I shrugged, declaring two ounces of peaches a solid meal and made a mental note to not do peaches again for a bit.

The next meal, we tried oatmeal and bananas. Two foods which are more than acceptable to Kailey. And she cried. And hollered. And spit (so gross). She ate some, but the whole meal was a struggle. Repeat over the next few meals. After a day in a half, I decided to try peaches again and voila! baby bird mouth, enthusiastic eating. The little fink!

So, I blame the peaches for our setback. I never should have let Kailey know there are things that taste of pie.

p.s. this post may contain some slight exaggerations. She hasn't really rejected all foods since the peaches. Today she has eaten oatmeal, a quarter of a banana, a container of applesauce, a few bites of edamame and carrots... so, we're still hanging in there. But, man on man, she loves peaches.

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