Friday, February 27, 2009


Things have been beyond crazy this month for both Eric and I, which is why I haven't posted much lately. That, and Eric and Kailey have both had terrible colds all month. I still am too swamped to really come up with a real update - but I just got a CD in the mail from my friend Laura who visited us last month (from LA) with her daughter, Hannah. Laura is an excellent photographer and took several wonderful shots of Kailey. I love these!

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Sarah said...

Seriously, these need to be considered for the wall in your bedroom. We must discuss. The series in the gray sweatshirt should be blown up (pick three - one with Kailey by herself, one with Angie, in the backpack with Eric) and then framed on the wall above your bed. One of the ones in the striped sweater should be framed on your dresser. LISTEN TO ME.