Monday, February 2, 2009

Colds and Coughs

There hasn't been much to report this last week. We've all been sick, Kailey the least so, but we've just been getting through the days. Everyone has runny noses and I have my usual chronic cough that accompanies every cold. So annoying. We decided to ignore our illnesses and treat saturday like any Saturday -- swimming, breakfast, errands (this week it was finding a spot for Kai's first birthday party!! And grocery shopping), making baby food, dinner, bedtime... and that was it! Sunday we watched the Super Bowl with Sarah, Doug and their family. Good game!

Kailey continues to be in constant motion. She has gotten quite proficient at pulling herself up on just about anything. And, after a couple of BIG falls, she has learned how to get back down as well (or at least to bend her knees when she starts to go, to cushion herself on the way down). She is almost never still. Doug has taken to creating a big playpen made of couches, pillows, chairs... so that she has a big area to crawl around without fear of injury. So smart. We need to do that too. As it is, at the moment, we spend our time with her just following her around, removing all the dangers in her path, or pulling her back from the edge of danger. But, it's fun to be exploring the world with her and seeing her take such pleasure in everything around her.

Even though we were all sniffly all weekend, it was nice to have a weekend together. We are going to dig back into the home remodeling in a serious way soon, and then our (limited) time together will be even more limited. But, the trade off is we'll have a tub!

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