Thursday, February 5, 2009

9 Month Checkup

Kai had her 9-month checkup today and all was well. All is well. She has continued on her growth trajectory, although, she is no longer jumping trajectories as she did in the beginning (recall that she started in the zero percentile, and now is in about the 30th for height, weight and head circumference). She is 18.5 pounds and 27 inches. It turns out doctor's appointments are a bit more challenging with a 9-month old then with a 6-month old. Now that Kailey has figured out how to crawl, stand and get into things... well, that's what she would like to do. She tore up the paper on the table, shouted and babbled, wriggled, spun... anything she could think of to make herself known. But, when the doctor examined her, she was very calm, transfixed by the stethoscope. Smart piece of equipment! Still no dairy for Kailey. So, we're sticking to fruits and veggies. But, there are plenty of those in the world... so, we have lots to explore still. I have some new videos of Kailey that I just love:

And her 9-month pics:

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