Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Music Together - Part Two

Today was the first day of Kai's second round of Music Together classes. Her last session finished on December 4th, so we've had about six weeks off. What a difference six weeks makes!! During our first session, I knew after the first few classes that Kailey enjoyed being there. She smiled and she would really light up later on, when I would sing the songs to her at home. But, she never really participated in class. She wasn't very interested in the instruments -- other than to try to eat them. She didn't interact much with the other babies. She mostly just sat back, wide-eyed, taking it all in.

Today was a totally different experience. As soon as we got there, Kailey crawled over to the drum (the drum and synthesizer are out at the beginning of class for the kids to play with) and pulled herself up on her knees and started pounding on the drum. Then, she crawled over to the synthesizer and started pounding away again. As the other babies and toddlers arrived, Kailey crawled over to them to check them out. And, when the teacher started class, I tried to get Kailey in my lap, but she took off for the synthesizer. When she got with in a foot, I pulled her back. And then she went for it again. She did that until the song was over and the synthesizer was put away.

When we got out the scarves (to use as props -- you know, to dance with... the classes require you to be a bit silly. I think I've mentioned this)... Kailey started shrieking and cracking up. And the instruments? She grabbed a tambourine and shook, shook, shook it with all her might -- cracking up the whole time.

She played with a two year old for awhile and had fun poking the other baby who is just a month older than Kai.

She LOVED it. I couldn't believe how much more engaged she was this time. One of the other moms said, "wow -- she is incredibly active." I'm not sure if that was meant as a good thing -- but, it's true. She's very active. She likes to try to get things and she LOVES to crawl. She is still doing a combination of commando crawling and real crawling... whatever gets her there the fastest.

I guess I have already noted how active she has become -- I mean, I've written about it!! So, of course I've noticed that she is into everything now and in constant motion. And that she goes after things with the dogged determination of... well, of someone who is the offspring of me and Eric!! And, I also noticed it with swimming class. Now, when we take her to the pool, she starts kicking and splashing and shrieking the second we get in the water. She loves the water. She loves being lifted into the air and then put back into the water (something that used to make her cry). She has totally come around to the pool, but the pool is a little different because she can't exactly go after things or engage the way she can in music class. So, I don't think I had completely realized what a transformation she has made. But, the class today really put it in perspective. She's gone from being the most reserved baby in the class to being one of the troublemakers (just kidding).

It was really fun to see her engaging and really taking part in the class. I'm so glad I signed her up again.

And she's been napping for the last hour!! Guess she wore herself out.

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