Saturday, January 10, 2009


Kailey did a full on, up on her knees, left leg/right hand, right leg/left hand crawl today. She's been getting up on her knees and rocking for awhile now, but if she wanted to actually GO somewhere, she'd plop down on her belly and commando crawl to her destination. Observe:

But, today, she decided to go for the full on crawl. She didn't go backwards first (although she didn't go far, either). You could really see her thinking about it. And, after the first attempt, she practiced a bit. I caught some early attempts on video. Here they are:

And, this is after doing it a few times:

It's just amazing to watch her perfect skills so quickly. When Kailey is awake, she is focused (although, not on the same thing for very long) and in constant motion. She wants to move move move and do something. I don't think she really has any concept of what she wants to do -- but she is determined to be active. A task master without a task. And, she does it with such gusto.

Go, Kai, go!

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