Saturday, January 10, 2009

Bedroom Complete

Let's all stand up and give a big round of applause to Eric. Seriously. In less than a year, he has designed and built and entire kitchen, done an inordinate amount of digging outside, and now - has completed the bedroom. The bedroom was supposed to be easy -- new carpet, new paint, new furniture. No problem. But, Eric looked at the bedroom wall (the wall you face when you walk into the bedroom) and decided it had to go. His rationale: It would take so much sanding to make it look good, that it made more sense to just tear it out, insulate the outside of the house, and build a new wall. And, while he was at it, he'd fix the door to nowhere on that wall, making it into a window. I protested -- this sounded suspiciously like remodeling. Sheet rock, tearing something down to the studs, insulation. I wasn't ready to tear down more walls. But, he convinced me that I would love having an insulated room and also reminded me that all i really have to do is put up with the dust, debris and clutter of the work... in other words, "Angie, you don't actually DO anything, so quit your whining."

So, in two weeks time, Eric tore down a wall, built a new wall, turned a door into a window, sanded (extensively), painted and carpeted our bedroom. The results are lovely and - he was right -I LOVE me an insulated bedroom. Who doesn't like the feel of sleeping INDOORS (except if you're camping... but, we really didn't intend to spend two years of our lives camping!)

Eric is an Executive Director of a growing organization in the middle of the worst financial crisis of our lifetimes (the state has frozen all government grants -- three of his employees are funded through government grants. It's a little stressful). He's also a new and doting father. AND he rennovates our home and makes it beautiful and warm and cozy. He is a wonder.

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