Monday, December 22, 2008


Kailey had a lot of firsts last week when we went to Portland for a week and did the rounds. She took her first plane ride. On the way to Portland, she did pretty well. She woke up as we took off and gazed out the window, fussed a bit, and then slept the rest of the time. Easy peasy! Observe:

But, the way home was another matter all together. That's because during the course of our week, Kailey got her first cold. Poor, baby!! I don't have any pictures of the flight home, which she spent howling and writhing about. She refused to nurse - which was a first for her as well. Instead, she just cried the whole time as we profusely apologized to all of the people sitting around us. Of course it had to be a completely packed flight!!

She also took her first trip to Timberline Lodge -- which has been a December tradition for us the last five years or so (we go with Amy, Dave and the twins). We don't usually ski (much to Eric's dismay) -- we just hang about the lodge, enjoy the fires (especially when we have a fireplace room like this year), and have fun in the outdoor hot tub and pool -- there's nothing quite like swimming in the snow! A few pics:

While we were at Timberline Lodge, Kai spiked a fever of 102 (her first fever) and has had a croup-like cough the last few days. We took her to the doctor on Sunday, and they gave her an inhaler (there's this little contraption that we put over her nose and mouth that allows her to use the inhaler). It helped her sleep a bit the first night, but she is still feeling pretty crappy, and last night was pretty rough. I was back at the doctor today - they gave her an inhaler with a steroid in it this time. I haven't tried it yet. I'm hoping that she just gets better without having to use it tonight.

Despite her cold, I think Kailey enjoyed her travels. She experienced her first snow - lots and lots of snow. I lived in Oregon from the time I was 7 until I was 18, and in those 11 years we never got the amount of snow that we got during this visit (and there has been a lot more since we left). It snowed three feet while we were at Timberline and the genius people at the rental car company rented us a chains for our car that didn't fit! So, that was a fun little moment of panic. Sick baby, three feet of snow, no chains! Ack! But, luckily, Timberline sells chains and we got back down the mountain (and the rental car company reimbursed us for the chains we had to buy).

Kailey also met her first poodle and sheltie - both of whom she found to be hysterical. She loves animals so much. Any fuzzy little creature is sure to make Kailey smile and, often times, break into a full on belly laugh. It's adorable. Here she is with my dad and Shadow:

It was Kai's first time at her grandma and grandpa's as well as her grammy's house, and her first time meeting some of her cousins. You would think that after such a week, she'd be a bit of a mess -- especially with her cold. But, Kailey is such a laid back, happy baby. Even in the last few days when she has been sick, she hardly ever cries. Mostly, she just cuddles a lot more than usual and sleeps a bit more than usual. Her eyes look so sad, though... I'll be glad when this stupid cold is behind us. But, all in all, it was a jammed packed and fun week of firsts.

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