Saturday, November 15, 2008

A few of Kai's favorite things...

Kailey definitely has favorite things now -- which is so cool. It's fun to watch her react to things and the full-body wriggle/shake/spasm thing she does when she reallllyyy likes something (that and immediately reaching her hands out for it -- "gimme"). At the moment, these are a few of her favorite things:

Book: Peekaboo Puppy

Color: Red

Real Animal: Oscar (by far. She thinks Oscar is the coolest thing ever. When he is in the room she stares and stares and then, if he happens to come within striking distance of her, she shrieks (which usually sends him running) and tries to grab onto him. At the moment, he is much quicker than she is... so he usually escapes unscathed).

Stuffed Animal: Winston the Dog

Hold: Front-facing. These days, after we pick her up, she immediately throws an elbow and twists to the front and continues to twist and elbow jab until you turn her around so that she is facing out. She has no interest in looking at us anymore. She must see what is going on. It's annoying and cute at the same time. Eric totally indulges her and walks around the house until she sticks her hands out - which is her way of letting him know that she has found something that she wants to touch - which (assuming there is no safety risk) he obliges.

Song: Itsy Bitsy Spider. This is not a song we usually sing in music class, but this week, it was the song we started with and Kailey's whole face lit up and she started squealing. She likes that song.

Outfit: Anything with polka dots or an interesting pattern.

Activities: Bathtime, storytime and singing. She loves the bath (aka the sink), but is still unsure about swimming class. We took her again this week. She continues to spend most of class sucking her thumb, which is her way of coping with something that is overwhelming her. But, I think she's getting used to the class. We'll see.

Toys: the mobile (this is an oldie but a goody -- she has been fascinated by the mobile from her first days. You would think she would have tired of it by now, but she still loves it), the elephant teether, the keychain (it's a stuffed toy that is supposed to be a set of keys), the square box, the little blue thing that vibrates when you pull it's nose (I have no other way to describe it).

And a few new pictures:

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That girl can rock a hat!