Thursday, October 23, 2008

Six Month Check Up

Kai had her six month check up today. She has been doing great for - well, since she was born, really! But, despite the fact that Kailey has been fierce and thriving since day 1, her scary start has made me into a bit of a freak (I was sort of predisposed to freakishness over such things... the NICU was just that little push I needed into ultra OCDville) about her growth, health, etc. So, I am always excited to go to the doctor and track her progress (officially track her progress... I, of course, have my own weekly weigh-in schedule and other obsessive charts and trackings that are, ahem, more informal).

Here's what we learned at the six month check up: In her doctor's words, "she is all caught up!" Kai moved from the 6th percentile at her last visit (on the growth charts) to the 34th percentile. In two months. Ouchy tiredness. But, woo hoo!! A 16 point gain (can you tell we spend a lot of time tracking polls? Go, Obama!) She weighed in at 15 lbs, 5.6 oz and was 24.25 inches tall. Kailey did her best to charm the doctor, babbling, making faces, and rolling around. I think it worked.

Kailey was also cleared for starting solids... I loaded up on books, a food mill, a food processor, and a bunch of new ice trays and baby cubes in anticipation of this doctor appointment. Of course, the doctor said to only introduce a new food every 7 days... so I think I may have been a bit ahead of myself. But, prepared is my middle name (or should be). I have a love of the parenthetical, apparently. I'll stop. Promise.

I guess that's all we learned at the doctor -- we spent forever talking to him, but there really isn't much else to report. I love Kailey's doctor (mostly because he spends forever talking to us... even though I often ask him the same questions I've already posed in emails (and he has already answered in emails) just because I want to double confirm the information I was given). Did I say I was going to stop using parentheticals? Apparently I meant I was going to try the parenthetical within the parenthetical. I'm out of control. In more ways than one.

After her apointment, we took her upstairs to get her six month vaccinations. While we were there, Eric and I went across the hall and got our flu shots. Kailey got 4 shots. We each got one, and then complained the whole way home about our aching arms. If Kailey could talk, she'd be telling us to suck it up. Poor, baby.

Here are a few pictures and a video - I love how Kailey talks to her toys.

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