Friday, October 17, 2008

Half Birthday!

Kai is six months old today -- hard to believe. She's changing so rapidly now, which seems even more rapid given how little change there was in her development for the first few months. But, Kai is determined to make up for lost time and catch up to her chronological age. She has continued to gain about an ounce a day and is now closing in on 15 lbs -- five times her birth weight!! People still comment on how small she is for her age, but I have learned to ignore such comments. They have no idea. I rarely tell people of her adjusted age anymore. When they say she is small, I just shrug and say, "not that small."

Kai is beginning to really take in the world around her, in her quiet, wide-eyed way. She is her most silent in a new situation (she really isn't a quiet baby overall... she can screech and babble with the best of them). But, in a new place, she just stops and stares... you can almost see her storing away all the new information. And then, once we're back on familiar turf, she starts screeching and babbling all over again.

She is now sitting up for about 30 seconds at a stretch unassisted and working ever-so-hard to pull herself into a sitting position from the floor (baby crunches); although, she can't do it. She can rotate in a circle on her belly, but has not managed to propel herself forwards or backwards yet.

She has a very discerning sense of humor (I think I've written about this before). Kailey, unlike most babies, is not amused by repetitive humor. Every once in awhile I'll do something that completely cracks her up, and then rush to do it again and again, expecting her to find it equally funny the more I do it (I've spent ample time with babies -- repetition is their thing, right?!) But, Kailey doesn't go for the joke after the second or third time. Rather, she cocks one eyebrow and looks at me sort of warily as if to say, "is that all you've got?" Eric is more successful at getting her to laugh - but, the repetitive humor doesn't work for him either (much to his chagrin - he is a champ at repetitive humor. I can't tell you how many times over the years I've said, "it was funny once"... um.... hmmm... maybe that's where she gets it from). But, really, Kailey thinks Eric is the funniest person on the planet. She laughs just to look at him and he can do most anything and get a reaction out of her! She is completely in love and awe of him... when he carries her around the house, she just gazes at him. It is heart meltingly cute.

Another person that Kailey finds to be quite amusing is Penny (and other children in general, but she has spent the most time with Penny) -- which is terrific, since she will be spending a lot of time with Penny next year because Doug is going to be watching Kailey come January!!! We are so very excited about this turn of events. The week that Kailey spent with Doug and Penny worked really well, and so we decided to make it a more permanent arrangement. Woo hoo!! Kailey is going to have such a great time next year.

Other things that Kai is really into -- books, textures, Oscar (she thinks he's pretty funny), watching people eat, her swing, her toys (especially the elephant rattle, the chain rattle, and her little lamb).

I don't think she has a lot of dislikes... she is less fond of carriers these days, unless she can face looking out. She likes to see what's going on. So, the Ergo carrier, which was my salvation for a few weeks, is no longer getting much use. I've moved onto the Baby K'Tan in the front facing position. She loves her stroller (Penny's stroller, really) and she loves outings in general. When I put her in her carseat, she gets ALL excited and then spends the entire car ride happily babbling to herself. It's quite amusing.

Six months. Feels longer and shorter at the same time. Happy half birthday, baby!

Here are some photos (I'll add more later because I have a couple of good videos and some other photos that I need to download from the camera, but I want to get this posted).

Holding her own bottle:

Taking in a book -- I love how she holds onto Eric's chin!

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