Sunday, September 14, 2008

Roll, Baby, Roll - Part III

I finally captured Kailey rolling over on video. She has officially mastered this trick -- every time I leave the room, she is on her belly when I return. She can even roll over in her crib. And, she mastered the trick with her thumb in her mouth while executing the roll, despite my insistence that this was not going to work out for her. She showed me.

Kailey was disgruntled for the past week while working to master this trick (or, really, the last couple of weeks). So, I thought once she could do it effortlessly, she would be content. But, no -- now she is determined to get somewhere once she is on her belly. So, everytime we put her down, she immediately flips and then starts to try to move... but, to no avail. And, after a few minutes of not getting anywhere, she gets mighty frustrated and starts crying. If we pick her up, she just squirms to be put back down and starts all over again -- flip. wiggle. remain in the same place. cry. How do you tell a baby to just relax?

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