Monday, September 8, 2008

Roll, Baby, Roll - Part 2

Kailey rolled from her back to her tummy yesterday for the first time. She's been working on this skill for the last couple of weeks, but until yesterday, she would always get to the point where she had pinned her arm underneath her belly and then discover that her thumb was right there and get distracted. She's only actually completed the roll once, but hopefully I'll capture it on video soon.

Here's a video of Kai's attempt at rolling over... she doesn't quite succeed in this video (I still haven't gotten her rolling on video). You can see here how she gets distracted by her fingers! And, just so you know, while she seems disgruntled in the video, all she wants to do lately is try to roll over - although, she spends a good deal of time complaining about it! As soon as I pick her up, she squirms and cries until I put her back down so she can try again...

And, here's a video of Kailey "talking" with Eric. She loves using her voice! I have this astrology book that gives the personality for each day of the year, and Kai's day is the "Day of Serious Purpose" and the first paragraph says, "These are definitely people who expect to be listened to when they speak. As a matter of fact, being ignored in any manner is extremely difficult for them to handle." So young, and already so true!

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Sarah said...

the talking video made my day.