Friday, September 19, 2008

Laughing it up

I love Kai's laugh -- it's very Goofy like. But, I haven't figured out her sense of humor. Kailey smiles readily (if she knows you... if she's just meeting you, she'll check you out for a bit first) and is generally very happy... but, to make her laugh, that is a talent.... a talent I don't seem to possess, much to my dismay. Her dad, on the other hand, cracks her up. I'm not sure what it is -- he doesn't seem to do anything especially funny (at least not funny to me, but I am clearly missing something). Anyway, here she is, laughing at Dad:

And, a few recent photos. I LOVE the red jacket that Katie and Becca got her. I almost want it to start raining so she can wear it every day -- but, it'd be good to finish the outdoor electrical and to cover up the hole that is still in the outside of the house (looking into the crawl space that will become our expanded bathroom) before the rains really start. So, ignore that sentiment. I should have learned by now not to tempt fate with this blog...

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