Friday, September 5, 2008

End of Summer Rambles

I can't believe the summer is over. That went fast! I'm home with Kai one more month, and then back to work full-time. But, I've already started working some, so I don't think it will be that shocking of a transition. And, I'm ready to go back to work. Meaning I'm ready to go back to work in a month -- I'm looking forward to this last month at home with Kailey. She is just getting to an age where she is really interested in the world around her -- and I'm glad I get one more month to explore that world with her on a daily basis. I took her to a museum the other day and the security guard in the gallery came over to me and said, "she is looking at the photographs! Amazing! She really likes it." She was really engaged in the photographs, for about 45 minutes. But, by the time we got to the second floor, she was over it and she completely lost it, pushing herself up and out of the carrier and wailing with tears streaming down her face. Nothing I did calmed her down. I knew she just wanted to be out of the carrier, but I couldn't exactly plop her down on the museum floor... so, I ran out of the museum with a hysterical baby on my chest and down the street to Eric's office. She calmed down once she had her freedom. But, I'm going to try it again. Maybe next time I'll go earlier in the day -- the morning hours are her best hours.

It turns out, Kailey loves vacationing. I mentioned in a previous post that Kailey got herself onto a nighttime sleeping schedule in Tahoe. We didn't do anything different. Every night, after her nighttime feeding (around 8 or 9) we put her in her PJs, read her a story and try to get her to go to sleep in her co-sleeper. Leading up to our Tahoe trip, this never worked. She would smile and coo as we got her ready for bed, but as soon as we put her down, she'd cry and protest. So, we'd pick her back up and let her just go to sleep whenever we went to sleep. She preferred to be held and to sleep next to us. But, in Tahoe it started to work. We figured she had just hit a milestone -- we'd put her down at 8:30 or 9 and she'd sleep in her co-sleeper until 2 or so in the morning before waking up to eat. Amazing! We considered ourselves miracle workers, patted ourselves on the back, and told everyone we knew that we now had a baby that slept through the night in her co-sleeper (it turns out that the term "sleeping through the night" when applied to babies is a total crock. It refers to sleeping for 5 - 6 hours at a stretch, which - last time I checked - is more like a long nap and less like sleeping through the night. But, whatever. If the definition of sleeping through the night includes infants who wake up at 2 AM after sleeping for 5 consecutive hours, then we had hit a milestone). However, we were a bit hasty. The second night after returning from Tahoe, Kai was back to her old pattern. No sleeping alone in the co-sleeper. We figured her transformation in Tahoe was an anomaly or the altitude. Probably the altitude. Then, this last weekend, we headed to Santa Cruz for the long weekend. Sea level. But, once again, Kailey slept through the night, allowing us to put her down sometime between 7:30 and 9 and sleeping until 2 or 3 in the morning. One night she even slept for 7.5 hours -- which is, in my estimation, ACTUALLY sleeping through the night. Of course, she still got up at 3 in the morning (so I did not sleep through the night), but had we all gone to bed at 11 - it would have been equivalent to one of my nights. After Santa Cruz, we decided that Kailey just prefers vacations and is more cooperative about sleeping when her days are filled with sunny beaches. And, really, who can blame her. Now that we're back home, she has determined that she is willing to go to sleep in her co-sleeper, but she's back to sleeping about 4 hours at a stretch. I guess we'll just have to take another vacation again soon so we can all catch up on sleep!

Kailey also has mastered the art of grasping objects. She has become endlessly fascinated by her toys. It's so fun to watch! And, she's discovered her toes. Some videos:

Beyond our sleep adventures, I don't have that much to update. I've really just been enjoying myself this last month -- playing with Kailey and engrossed in the Olympics, the conventions, and our vacations. It's been a fun month. I know Kailey won't remember this time, but I will. I'll remember watching Obama accept the nomination for President with Eric and Kailey and feeling, for the first time in a long time, invigorated by politics. I hope Obama is Kailey's first President (for a full term... let's just not count Bush). It's weird -- this is the first Presidential election since I have been able to vote that I haven't been out knocking on doors. And yet, despite my more active involvement in other elections, I feel more invested in the outcome of this election. I guess 8 years of the Bush administration will do that -- but, it's also Obama. He's won me over. I was an Edwards supporter (although, thank goodness he didn't win the nomination. What is wrong with these people?!) But, setting aside Edwards indiscretions (which just proves that he was not, in fact, the real thing but simply another slick politician able to talk the talk in a long line of slick politicians who sound good on paper but then play to the polls as soon as they're in office), the more I listen to Obama, the more I believe that he is the real thing. Maybe he is also just a good talker -- but, he seems more genuine. For one, he started as a community organizer -- and while the Republicans may mock that, the fact is, community organizers are the agents of change in this country and the true believers. They are the ones knocking on doors and working behind the scenes, without any glory and for little pay, to get things done. So, maybe it's time to start knocking on doors again. We could go door to door with Kailey in the carrier -- she could say that she started being a community organizer before she was 1!

A few pictures from the last few weeks (she's getting so big!! The last weight check was 12 lbs, 8 oz... however, she seems to have finally slowed down with her weight gain, gaining only 2 oz the last week).

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