Saturday, September 27, 2008

Back to Work

I've been trying to think of an update for a week now -- there is a lot going on, but there's no there there... if you know what I mean. Things have been happening, but it's mostly just been the laundry list of never-ending tasks that make up most days. I want a story - but, the last few weeks have been short on stories, long on tasks. So, I haven't updated. But, we're overdue -- so brace yourself for ramblings and laundry lists!

I am now back at work, which may account for why I'm feeling more like I'm just running through my to-do list. I only worked about three days this last week, but it felt like I was right back in it. My colleagues were really terrific while I was on leave and held off on asking me to do too much... but, now they know I'm back and so they're asking. I'm not complainig. There's a lot of work to be done, and it seems that everyone would like me to know about that work... right away. So, I'm going to be digging myself out of a hole for a bit. But, I see the quick reemergence as a good thing. It's like ripping off a band-aid, doesn't hurt if you just do it right away. In any case, it feels like I never missed a beat. I don't really understand how you can walk away from a job for five months and then come back in and feel like you never left -- maybe it's just that things are soooo slow in the legal world. And, of course, in part it's that no one is indispensable -- your job goes on without you, but also is always there for you when you are ready to jump back in. When your work is to try to make social change, there is always change to be had, but progress is incredibly slow... so, you can take 5 months off and then come back to the same problems and feel like you only took a weekend. Depressing, sure. But,it does makes one feel less bad for taking a bunch of time off.

I'm really glad that Eric is going to be home with her beginning in mid-October, and also slightly jealous that his leave is going to be during some of her big months, developmentally speaking. They are going to have a fantastic time together. And, I am so glad I live in California (where leave policies are so generous) and that I got to spend the last five months at home with Kailey. I had a terrific time -- I was never stir crazy, as I feared I would be. I'm also really lucky that I am being allowed to go back to my job with some added flexibility so that I can still have some extra alone time with Kai during the week (I'll be going back on a flex-schedule... a 4 day work week). And, I'm glad that Eric gets to do the same thing at his job (with the flex schedule) after his leave is over. We're lucky people.

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