Friday, August 8, 2008

On the Charts!

Kailey is now on the growth charts for her chronological age! She started out in the 5th percentile for her adjusted age, and is now in the 6th percentile for her chronological age (and she's moved up to about the 50th percentile for her adjusted age)! That's a lot of growing. At her last doctor appointment (back in June), she was nowhere near the chart for her chronological age (she was nearly 7 lbs, which is not on the charts for a 2-month old baby, but is just fine for a newborn, which was her adjusted age). Today, she was 10 lbs, 12oz. Nearly 4 pounds of weight gain in 6 weeks! What that means is she has gained about 10.5 oz per week for the last 6 weeks (I just did the math), which is 3.5 oz more per week in weight gain then the average breastfed baby (which explains how she managed to creep onto the charts).

The doctor said today that if he were just meeting Kai for the first time, he wouldn't know that Kai was a preemie, because she is doing what 4 month old babies do (rolling, cooing, lauging, etc) and, while not the largest of the 4 month old babies, she is also not freakishly small (in fact, she's on the charts! In case you skipped the first paragraph, I thought I'd mention this fact again!).

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Sarah said...

Awesome! Go Kai - superbaby!