Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Roll, Baby, Roll

Kailey and I have a bit of a morning routine. She eats (at about 4 AM) naps a little (one of my favorite parts, since I nap right along with her), eats again (at about 6 AM) and is then wide awake and ready to play by 6:30 or 7. I have gotten up at 6 for about as long as I can remember, so it shouldn't be so hard to wake up at that time now, especially since I don't have to be anywhere. And yet, waking up at 6 is harder now then it was before. Maybe because the waking really starts at 4. After getting up at 1 or 2 to pump. Both of those wee morning wake up calls tend to be fast -- especially the pumping. And yet, the interruptions in sleep really take a toll, and I am rarely feeling very playful at 6:30 or 7. But, luckily, playing just involves laying a blanket on the floor, grabbing Kai's mirror and stuffed animals, and putting her somewhere where she can see her toys. And, it usually gives me enough time to make some coffee and wake up a bit more.

Kai loves laying on her back, cooing at her toys. But, every morning, as soon as I have coffee in hand, I ruin it for her by flipping her onto her tummy. Cruel, cruel mother. One minute she is gazing at her reflection, all wide-eyed and awe-stuck, and the next she's on her tummy, madder than a hornet. She immediately starts crying and complaining, and by the time that I turn her onto her back again, she is over the whole "playing" experience.

But, on Saturday morning (July 5th), it appeared that all the tummy time was really paying off because Kailey managed to kick herself over, from her belly to her back. The first time she flipped, it was an accident. She was on her tummy and hating it, as usual, crying and kicking. But, because she was holding her head up while she cried and kicked, she managed to flip herself over. It stopped the crying (for a minute) - she looked so surprised! But, I ruined this for her as well by flipping her right back onto her tummy and grabbing the camera, hoping to capture it the next time around. But, flipping her back over really pissed her off, and she started sobbing -- so I picked her up, told her what a great accomplishment it was, and calmed her down.

The next night, Eric and I had Kai on her tummy again and this time, she was much less fussy about it. She lifted her head up and looked around a bit and then started kicking and got herself onto her back. It appeared much more deliberate this time. Of course, I was foiled again in my attempt to catch it on video. So that you don't think I'm a moron with a video recorder, let me explain. We don't have a video camera. We have a regular camera that takes short video clips, but it only records in 20 - 40 second increments. So, you have to time it just right - and since Kai doesn't exactly flip on command, it's a bit tricky to capture. I had it recording, but the video segment ran out of time seconds before she flipped herself. We turned her right back over again, and once again she flipped herself back. And, again, I didn't get it on video. Blasted! So, we tried a third time - but at that point she was hoppin' mad. Who can blame her? Here she is working to remain on her back and every time she manages to get there, we just make her do it again. Not cool.

Yesterday morning, we were at it again. Kai in her quest to remain on her back, me in my quest to capture her flipping. Ten videos later, and I got it! You can see that she is not too happy in the video. But, here she is - flipping herself over.

Good girl, Kai! Only three weeks adjusted, and already turning over! I think the doctors in the NICU were right -- she doesn't appear to know that she was born early or that she's so small.


In addition to learning to roll, Kai is also on a new diet. Well, really, I am on a new diet for her. No dairy. Yup, that's right - Kai and I are now dairy-free. The queen of condiments is having to forego dairy. I've always said that every food has a topping (or condiment) and, it turns out, most of those toppings have dairy as a component. Fruit is better with cream. Toast is better with butter. Pasta isn't pasta without parmesan. Potatoes need sour cream, as do burritos and enchiladas (and all mexican food needs tons of cheese!). And who wants coffee without cream? Not to mention all of the wonderful foods that are just dairy at their core -- mac and cheese, pizza, omelets. OK, I'm making myself drool. But, no more. I can't have any of these foods anymore -- well, I can have some of them, I just can't make them the very best foods they can be by adding the appropriate topping.

Why the new diet? Kai has had some digestive issues ever since she got home from the NICU, and after a few tests and consulting with the docs, they suspect she may be sensitive to dairy and so we are foregoing all dairy for awhile. And, I can't replace those foods with soy products - because soy is the second most common allergen. If it does turn out to be a dairy sensitivity, she'll probably outgrow it. At about a year. A YEAR, people. That means a year of me not eating mac and cheese or ice cream. I know, I know, I could look at the bright side. No dairy, no alcohol... just think of all the weight loss potential! But, let's be honest, I'm not trying to enter any beauty contests here... I want my macaroni!

Actually, it's been less than a week, but it hasn't really been that hard. If it were a diet to lose weight, there is no way I'd do it. I like those foods. A lot. And, I can maintain weight and feel good while eating them. But, I don't like the foods enough to risk having Kai feel sick - so, it really hasn't been that tough giving them up. Of course, talk to me a month from now... I may be going through some serious withdrawals by then!

I think that's all for now. Here are some new pics!


Kathryn J said...

She flipped three more times!!! Go Kai. That is awesome. :) Definitely no need for the adjusted age distinction except for all bystanders confused that a three month old looks smaller than some newborns. And they can just be confused...

Sarah said...

She is so advanced. But of course she is. Love the striped outfit!