Sunday, June 8, 2008

Venturing Out

It turns out our tolerance for being housebound (except for the occasional errand or doctor appointment) is about 12 days. There's only so much daytime television that one person can handle - and I think we've watched every movie that is currently available through On Demand. So, if you need any movie reviews -- just ask us. We're all caught up on all the videos that have just come out on DVD.

So, after almost two weeks inside our house, we decided that it was time to start taking Kai on more adventures in the outside world. She's now dined at our favorite breakfast spot (ok, she didn't do any dining) and visited Mudpuppies (where Oscar bathes and hikes) and we've begun exploring our neighborhood a bit more. Kai travels with us in the Baby Bjorn - which is technically for babies who are a minimum of 8 lbs. While Kai has done an excellent job of gaining weight since coming home (more than an ounce a day!), she isn't quite at 8 lbs yet (she's currently 5 lbs, 12 oz), and the Baby Bjorn swallows her up a bit. What this means is she doesn't get to see much of the places we're taking her. But, we've been having fun on our outings, and as we walked around the dog park, we started to get excited about all the places we're going to show Kai in the coming years.

She's getting more interactive -- which also means she has longer stretches of being fussy. She is definitely acting like a newborn now, which makes sense given that she's only a few days shy of her due date. She is still pretty easy to appease... just so long as we never put her down! Of course, we do put her down occasionally. Luckily, she has a loyal doggie friend who seems to have adopted her as much as we adopted him. It's so cute -- if either of us puts her in her crib or co-sleeper for a moment and leaves the room, Oscar runs in and lays down, staring at her crib. Then, if she stirs, Oscar runs to us and then runs back to the room. It's really cute. And, after one of us takes Oscar out for a walk, as soon as he comes back home, he runs over and checks on Kai (by thoroughly sniffing her). And he checks in on her frequently throughout the day. Finally, whenver we do "tummy time" with Kai (we put a blanket down in her room and put her on her tummy to work on those neck muscles)... Oscar runs out to get a toy and then brings it back (in order to join in the game). It's adorable. We were never worried about how Oscar would be with Kai -- but, I never imagined he would take to her the way he has. He seems truly concerned about her well-being.

So, we're continuing to do well. Here are a few more pictures.

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Sarah said...

I just love how happy Angie looks in that picture. And Kai looks likes she's almost smiling!