Saturday, May 31, 2008

Home Sweet Home

We've spent a whole week (and a couple of days) home with Kai, and it's been great. In the last week, I've only left the house three times -- to go to the grocery store, BabiesRUs, and the doctor. Previously, I was not someone who necessarily enjoyed sitting at home day in and day out. I've always really liked working and having places to go and things to do. But, this year has taken that out of me a bit and the last week of nesting has been very therapeutic after 5 months of chaos with our jobs and house projects (and, of course, particularly after the last 5 weeks of the NICU). So - the last week has been great. Better than great - because we're here together, Kai is home, and the kitchen is (mostly) complete.

Since this was previously a kitchen blog as much as anything - let me just say that the new kitchen is incredible. It's better than I ever anticipated, and hard to imagine how we lived with it in its prior state for as long as we did. And, it was so wise to get the kitchen remodeled before Kailey arrived (even though it seemed like a completely insane thing to do at numerous points over the last three months - particularly starting around April 17th!) But, having a functional kitchen with a dishwasher, disposal and big(ger) refrigerator has proven to be essential. OK, maybe not essential. Plenty of people have babies without having these things -- but, it has made our lives infinitely easier and more comfortable. And, the kitchen is just beautiful.

I really don't have much to write - as I said, I haven't done much this last week. Kai is doing fantastic. She has gained about an ounce a day since being home. When we were at the doctor this week, she weighed 5 lbs, 3 oz. She seems to be a very easy baby - although, I am well aware of the fact that it could just be that she is still not supposed to have been born yet, and so she may still be coming into her own. But, at the moment, she does little more than wake for about an hour to get changed and fed, before going back to sleep. In the last few days, she's begun to be a little more interactive -- staying awake for a bit after eating in order to look around, which has been fun. But, it's also great to just snuggle with her on the couch watching movies (or updating this blog).

I do think one silver lining to the NICU is that it gave us some perspective on what is difficult. We aren't getting a lot of sleep these days and, of course, we're not accomplishing as much as we normally would in the course of the day - but we really don't mind. We're just so happy to be home with Kai, that the sleep deprivation and other stressors of being home with a new baby have not bothered us much. I suppose that could change, as the NICU fades from our memory (although, I don't think that will happen any time soon).

Apparently it's taken me an hour to write this and Kai is now doing push-ups on my chest and letting me know it's time for her next feeding.

Type more later. A few mor pics:

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Sarah said...

That baby is fantastically gorgeous. And the kitchen looks great too. Ahhhhhh.