Saturday, May 24, 2008

Home at Last

On Thursday, May 22nd, Kai turned 5 weeks old and came home!! We arrived at the hospital at about 8:00 AM and the doctors did their last rounds for Kailey - declaring her fit to go home. I breastfed her one last time in the hospital and then we removed the monitors, packed up all her stuff (we ended up with about 7 bags of stuff -- it's amazing how much a little baby can accumulate in 5 weeks. Of course, 2 full bags were full of frozen breast milk - which is now taking up most of the space in our freezer. 41 bottles worth of milk!), put her in the carseat and headed downstairs. I was so nervous walking by the nurse who was carrying her out -- I kept expecting her to turn blue at any moment. She seemed so tiny in the carseat. Of course, she just slept the whole time.

Once at home, she continued to sleep despite all the activity around her -- Oscar was so curious about the new addition to our pack. He kept running over to her and sniffing her. He was pretty nervous - although, two days into it, he has really gotten used to her. He still gets quite concerned when she cries. One time, Kai was in her co-sleeper and Eric was preparing a bottle for her in the kitchen. Kai started fussing, so Oscar ran into the bedroom and peered in at her and then ran back into the kitchen to get Eric. It was so cute -- you could tell Oscar was saying, "hey - that thing you brought in here is upset!" Eric gave him a treat for keeping us informed.

We are so happy to be home. I haven't felt so much peace in a long time. Everything has finally come together. The kitchen is beautiful and fully functional. Kai is here with us and seems to be doing really well. We are able to attend to Oscar and Abby's needs for the first time in over a month - and they are both calming down a bit (Oscar has been a bit on edge the last 5 weeks). All is right.

We have spent the last two days just resting, cuddling with our baby, and relishing in the fact that we have nowhere to go and nothing that has to get done. Eric has been continuing to finish up some of the detail work on the house. I got caught up on the news for the first time in over a month.

This morning, the home health nurse is coming by to weigh Kailey and see how she is doing. I have to say - we have gotten such excellent care over the last 5 weeks. Kai's doctors and nurses were all top notch. The nurse that is coming this morning is the same person who conducted our discharge class. We really like her - and it will be good to see her and check in on how Kai is doing. I continue to be obsessed with her numbers... (I created a chart - of course! I know I said I was done with charting, but I couldn't resist). We have been tracking how much she eats, pees, poops, and her temperatures... but, we don't have the ability to weigh her anymore (which was the most critical number the last 5 weeks!) and so I am really glad that we will get to add that number to our chart this morning. I hope she has gained some since she's been home with us.

I'll update again soon. Hope you are all well.

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