Saturday, April 12, 2008

Walls and Windows and Doors... oh my!

OK - so really only walls and windows. I don't know why I feel like I need to add "and doors"... I guess having three things sounds catchier and, apparently, I have the Wizard of Oz running through my head. But, in any event - walls and windows and doorways (because, you know, with walls comes clear doorways where before there was a lot of air). Woo hoo!! Good-bye exposed electrical! Of course, this weekend we hit 80 degrees for the first time this year -- which means the breeze we've become so accustomed to at night would have actually been welcome last night for the first time. But, alas, there are no more breezes as we lay in bed because we have WALLS! I must say - I prefer walls to breezes when I am supposedly indoors.

We aren't quite done with the walls - but the vast majority of them are up. Once we are done hanging the sheetrock, we still have to do the taping, sanding, and spackling. So, it'll be another weekend before we're really done with the walls. But, now that they're up - you can really imagine what the kitchen is going to be like. Well, now *I* can imagine. Imagine is the maybe the wrong word. Now I can actually see what the kitchen is going to be like because now there is a clearly defined space. Eric has actually been able to imagine what the kitchen will look like all along because, as I've mentioned previously, he doesn't have to have something smack in front of him in order to be able to visualize it. But, whatever. It's great!! The lay out is so much better than what we were dealing with previously. For those that never saw our house in its previous incarnation, it is hard to really capture in words or pictures how inefficient it was. But, this new kitchen... I think I'm really going to love it.

Besides work and remodel work, this week Eric and I actually took 1/2 of the day off on Friday and headed down to the beach. Eric hadn't been surfing since we moved into this house... in 2006. That also means that I hadn't just sat on the beach watching him surf and throwing balls and sticks for Oscar since we moved into this house. I find that fact to be a bit mind blowing. There was a period of a couple of years (2004 - 2005) when we were at the beach about once a week. And, while we've been to the beach since moving, we really haven't hung out on the beach the way we used to. It made me realize how crazed we were even before we decided to plunge into parenthood. Eric started as the Director of the TRT at the beginning of 2006, which was when the insanity began. There really hasn't been much surfing since that time, even before the move. And then, in August 2006, we bought this house and I started my new job... and those two things cranked up the insanity another notch (or two). We really haven't come up for air much. We took on the yard last summer... although, it is far from done. And, I realized as I was sitting on the beach that we haven't had a real vacation since 2005 when we were in Belize and Guatemala. So, Friday, with the good weather beckoning us (it was nearly 70 at the beach) and a half day of work under our belts, we decided it was definitely time to take a mental holiday (even if it was only a few hours). We both got a little color in our faces. And, on Saturday morning, my hands weren't swollen for the first time in months. They've puffed back up -- but I think my whole body de-stressed a little from our few hours at the ocean.

It was sort of funny -- I think the idea of taking 1/2 a day off and heading to the beach made me revert to my old sense of self. When Eric swung by the house to pick up his surfboard I called him and asked him to pick up my surfer shorts -- completely forgetting that I don't actually fit into those shorts at the moment. Once I realized that my choice of attire wasn't going to do me much good, I called again and asked him to instead bring me my maternity pants. Although, I ended up just hanging out in the skirt I had worn to work because skirts are more comfortable than pants on the beach (a skirt! I know! Desperate clothing times call for desperate measures).

We had another doctor appointment this week. My blood pressure was a little high at the beginning of the appointment - but it doesn't seem like anything to be too alarmed about at this point. They're obviously going to watch it. In trying to reassure me, the doctor said, "the good news is, you're at 31 weeks, so even if you have the baby next week..." at which point I quit listening. All I could hear was "next week." I wanted to say, "look, lady, if you want my blood pressure to stay low -- let's not talk about having this baby in APRIL." By the end of the appointment, it had gone back down (no thanks to the dr's comments!). I think it's just that my dr. appointments tend to be first thing in the morning -- which is also when I have my single shot latte. The doc said no more caffeine for me the rest of my pregnancy. You would think that it would be harder to go from drinking a grande coffee with a shot of espresso added (my pre-pregnancy morning beverage of choice) to a single shot latte then it would be to go from a single shot latte to decaf... but, you would be wrong. Maybe it's just psychological, but that one shot of espresso was important to me. However, if it's the difference between an April baby and a June (or even late May) baby... I'll do without.

And, of course, pictures (even a couple of me -- although, they aren't great shots of me. I never remember to take pictures when I'm actually in nicer clothes with my hair brushed. In these, I just woke up from a nap and you can see the stain on my shirt. For some reason, pregnancy seems to have interfered with my hand-eye coordination. I no longer seem to be able to eat without spilling something on myself. I'm not really sure why a protruding belly affects my ability to get a fork from my plate to my mouth, but there you go).

Putting in the walls:

And the windows:

And me:

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Janet said...

Walls, doors and windows in? Way to go! Love seeing the pictures.

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