Sunday, April 6, 2008

Still Here

Our legal assistant said to me the other day, "I wish I had met you a few months earlier." She was referring to the fact that she missed knowing me during my days of organizing happy hours, karaoke and solstice parties, and daytime drinking excursions whenever there was a political victory to celebrate or a political disappointment that required drowning our sorrows (I was at NCYL when Sandra Day O'Connor announced her retirement, and had the whole office in the dive bar across the street at 11 AM to mourn the end of our chances at legal victories for the poor and disenfranchised. Not that she was any great liberal, mind you. Just that we knew how much worse it was about to get. But, I digress). Although I considered being offended by the comment, I understood and, in all honesty, sort of agreed with her. I was more fun a few months before she started (I got pregnant the month she started). These days, both Eric and I are all work and no play. I still joke around - but when it comes to hanging out after work or organizing anything that could be considered fun - that has been almost entirely eliminated. I've become all task-master all the time.

I think that's why posting has slowed of late. It's hard to think of things to post about when our days are so utterly monotonous. If it's Monday - Friday, we're working at our jobs. And, there just isn't much to write about there. If it's Saturday or Sunday, we're working on the house. I think the house updates are the most interesting -- because each week seems to bring something new. This week it was a skylight, insulation (installed by yours truly... now I can say that I did some of the construction of the kitchen! How pleasing), subfloor and a ceiling!! I doubted the need for a skylight - but now that it's in, I see, once again, why I am not in charge of making design decisions. I love the skylight! And, this week was heartening because it feels so good to be at a point where we're putting more stuff in and taking less stuff out. Progress!

We've continued to have help from our awesome friends. This weekend Craig was on hand for the subfloor and the ceiling. When Craig came over Saturday, he had a little tote bag full of baby clothes that he found at a garage sale, which was so sweet. It's fun to start getting baby stuff. We haven't bought much yet -- mostly because we don't have any place to put the stuff. We've painted the baby's room, but it is still being used for storage and construction gear at the moment. We don't have the dresser yet and the closet is crammed full of our clothes since the closet in our bedroom is currently out of commission. Once the kitchen is done, it'll be a mad dash to get everything else in place. But, I think we'll get there -- as long as she doesn't come early. Yes, I know, I'm totally jinxing myself.

Beyond the remodel update, this last week we started childbirth class -- aka "critter class" (as Eric dubs it). I was skeptical about taking a childbirth class -- mostly because I am not one for sharing with a bunch of people I don't know and I figured I could get what I needed through books. But, in all honesty, I haven't spent much time reading the books because there just hasn't been that much time. So, taking a class is good. It's dedicated time to think about the next phase (you know, the phase where we go through labor and then have a baby! Yes, that "phase".) And, so far the class hasn't involved any sharing (it's early -- I'm bracing myself). The instructor is a bit sarcastic and has a sense of humor, which is good. I found her to be entertaining. So, two thumbs up for critter class.

I think that's all of our news. Here are photos, since it's been awhile:





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Janet said...

Love the skylight! Looks like you are making great progress. Way to go!

ttyl, Mom