Saturday, March 8, 2008

Report from the Rubble

This last week, we focused on getting the stage set so that we can finish the kitchen project on schedule -- we ordered doors, windows, cabinets; the gas guy came out and rerouted the gas line; we picked up flooring samples so that we can make a decision on what type of floor to put in; we fine-tuned our design and decided exactly how much the bathroom wall needs to move. A lot of the materials will take awhile to get here (e.g. the windows take about 4 weeks, the doors about 6 weeks). Sometimes it feels like we're building the car while we drive it down the road. But, we really have no other choice at this point.

And today, Doug and Eric finished the demo on the rest of the kitchen -- which means no sink for the next 5 -6 weeks. Eric moved the washbin from the basement up to the kitchen -- so we have running water. But, it's not really a very ideal setup for doing dishes. Although, let's not kid ourselves, the kitchen is in no state to cook in, so there are not going to be a lot of dishes to do. Here are some photos of our new reality.

This is before the second phase of the demo:

And after:

And a few more:

We also moved all the furniture out of the office -- which is no longer an office. The desk, our filing cabinets, and the bookshelf all have been moved down to the basement, never to return. Kinda sad. I'm rather attached to my books - even though I don't actually read any of them ever. Well, I was sort of in the middle of two different books - both of which are now in boxes in the basement. Although, I am not certain it's appropriate to say that I was in the middle of two books - one that I read for a day on vacation last August and the other that I read for a day on vacation in December. That's the extent of reading I've done in the last 7 months. And yet, I am still quite sad about the loss of my books.

Packing my books makes me feel like we're getting ready to move. But, you don't move out of a place where you just took out a window leaving a big gaping hole to the outside. Surreal.

Our kitchen project has expanded into a kitchen/bedroom/baby room project. The kitchen is obviously at the crux of it, but we also have to finish the closet in the bedroom, fix the ceiling and carpets, and paint. And, the room formerly known as the office has walls that need repaired and the whole room needs painted. And, of course, there's the matter of buying all the new furniture (for our bedroom and her room). But, we'll get there.

And then, someday, I'll set up an office in the basement. We need the files -- and there is no room for a filing cabinet in the main part of the house. And, maybe we can put the bookshelf up in the basement -- then when people come over I can say, "oh, we read. Let me show you to our library." And then, we'll go skipping down to the basement/library/office/laundry room/tool shed. Who doesn't want a room where you can relax with a book while simultaneously doing laundry and using power tools?!

But, offices in basements are a ways off at the moment. One thing at a time. Or, rather, three rooms at a time. And then having a baby. Then I can think about basement/office remodels.

In other news -- we had another doctor appointment this week. All seems well. We listened to her heart for awhile and the doctor was laughing at how squirmy she is --every time we got a read on her she'd scootch off in another direction. We heard more kicks then heartbeats for the first few minutes. The doctor said, "I guess you're feeling her quite a bit." Ummm... yeah. But, she finally settled for a moment and let us listen for more than a few beats.

The highlight of my week was getting a huge box of maternity clothes from Sarah. I've never been so excited about clothes -- I was so sick of wearing the same three pairs of pants and four tops. I've had on a new outfit every day this week!

OK -- I'm going to go scrounge up something to eat. Something that doesn't require dishes, utensils or a stove. Crackers anyone?

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