Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Ready. Set. Wait.

We had our follow-up ultrasound today. All is well. The placenta/cervix issue resolved itself and everything looked good -- except it took a long time to figure out that all was well because the baby's head is butting up against my cervix, which prevented a clear shot of the placenta for a long time.

We were laughing a bit about it (as the poor tech prodded my belly and continuously tried to coax her to move... which she steadfastly refused to do). She is all packed and ready to go! She's just 12 weeks early to the departure gate. I can't fault her. I have been known to be a bit obsessive in my need to be prepared and on time for any and all happenings. School papers -- done a week ahead of time, turned in exactly on time. Interviews - I am usually sitting outside in the coffee shop until precisely 2 minutes before the interview starts, at which point I walk at a steady pace into the building and to the elevator -- timing my arrival to correspond precisely with my scheduled interview.

My point is -- I understand the need to be ready. I like to pack my suitcases the night before a flight and put out a list of all of the items that need to be packed in the morning so that I can carefully check it off before heading out the door. My calendar is color-coded, as is our remodel plan, and pretty much every other list I have ever generated. I keep track of my daily activites in six minute increments -- which I have to do for my litigation activities, but I've found it more efficient to just keep track of everything in six minute increments. I like to be prepared.

So, I appreciate her need to be ready. But, I'm hoping that she also follows my example and doesn't arrive a minute too early either. No one wants to be the person showing up to the interview 30 minutes early - it just makes everyone uncomfortable and gets the interview off to a bad start because it forces everyone to scramble to assemble in order to meet with the freak who showed up early rather than patiently waiting in the coffee shop across the street before making a punctual entrance. So, bide your time, baby -- but, I'm glad to know you're getting ready!

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