Sunday, March 23, 2008

Plugging Away

This week felt like a catch-up week. We finally found countertops!! Well, we found the material that will become our countertops (a green-speckled granite). It turns out there are multiple steps involved in ordering countertops. First, you have to find the material you want, which is as far as we got this week. But, the granite people only sell the raw material - they don't actually make countertops. And, you can only buy the granite by the slab. So we have to buy 60 square feet of granite in order to construct the 20 square feet of countertops/backsplash that we need. Then we have to find a fabricator who can turn the slab into actual countertops. Sometimes I wish Eric and I were less picky about what we like -- why can't we just find countertop material in a store that actually makes countertops? We seem to always be in the position of finding something we really like and then realizing that in order to actually get it, we'll have to jump through 10 additional hoops. So, I will spend a chunk of this upcoming week jumping through the remaining hoops necessary to actually get countertops into our kitchen.

These are the times that I see the benefit of hiring a contractor to handle all of these annoying little details. Maybe this is why most people don't remodel their kitchens all by themselves? That, and they're afraid to cut holes into their house, rearrange structural walls, or do their own electrical and plumbing. There's that, too.

Luckily, Eric and I are a good match when it comes to these tasks. I can handle the details -- and, really, it's the only thing I'm any good at. I find the retailers, keep track of when things need to be ordered, how much we can spend, the sequencing of when we need the materials to arrive, etc. But, in every other area, I am useless. Setting aside the fact that I don't do any actual construction, I am also of almost no use when it comes to choosing the items that will make up our new kitchen. Most people enjoy choosing their windows, floors, doors, countertops, cabinets, and the like. And, while I enjoy perusing home stores and mulling over samples -- I'm at a total loss for actually picking which things should go into our kitchen. I am not a visual person. At all. I cannot remember what our rooms look like when I'm not in them. For example, when we were trying to pick out blinds for the bedroom after we moved in, I kept insisting that we had three windows over our bed. It turns out, not so much. There are two (I think). And I remember when we were living in D.C. and had been in our house on Carolina Place for quite a long time (well over a year) and Eric overheard me giving directions to someone and telling them we were the "green house halfway up the hill." Eric turned to me and said, "the house is NOT green." Who knew?

And, choosing our kitchen stuff involves much more than the ability to remember what the kitchen looks like when I'm not actually standing in it. Nooo, I would have to have the ability to actually visualize what it WILL look like once we are done with the project, and what will look good in the newly constructed space. All I can say to that is hahahahhahaha!! No. I can't do that. While I can pick out things that appeal to me, I don't really have a sense of whether those things would look good in our space. So, while I tag along to the various appointments, I am not a lot of help.

Looking back on the last two paragraphs, I see that upon further reflection, I shouldn't complain about not having a contractor. If we did, I would be completely obsolete! At least now I can say I contributed to our kitchen beyond being a generally good sport about the amount of dirt and debris that I am being forced to live with (ok, ok -- that isn't a contribution. It's just me not being as annoying as I am capable of being.)

Anyway, in addition to finally crossing the countertop selection off our list, I spent the week catching up with work activities, including doing a lot of work stuff this weekend. And, Eric spent the week getting some important work decisions made and spent his weekend with - what else - his work belt and trusty power tools! We haven't started the wall construction yet (that was unrealistic) - but Eric did finish up the rest of the electrical work, did all the plumbing, and did most of the rest of the framing that we need to have done before we start putting up walls. So, all in all, it was a successful week.

I'm definitely feeling more pregnant these days -- if feeling pregnant means feeling ouchy. My hip and back pain are really getting annoying, as are the swollen hands and feet. This morning, we bought some fake crocs at the Rite-Aid because my shoes -even my CLOGS - don't fit anymore. I've completely lost my ankles. Lovely. But, other than increased aches and pains, all is well on the pregnancy front as far as I can tell.

Have a good week!

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Janet said...

Love your blogs.
thanks so much for all the updates. So glad the baby is doing well, but know you must be pretty uncomfortable at times, huh. Sorry to hear about your back.

Eric and I talked about whether I should come down the week-end of the shower or on some other week-end, but we never came to a decision. Probably should make my flight and room reservations before too much longer, so let me know what is the best time--in your "spare" time. HA!

ttyl, Janet ("Grammy")