Saturday, March 29, 2008


Lately it seems like we're constantly in the middle of things -- I barely remember the start of all the things swirling around us, and it seems like the end will never come. Pregnancy, swelling, back pain, sleepless nights (OK all of those things are related to pregnancy - but they seem like separate complaints so I'm listing them separately), remodeling, dirt, dust, debris, hiring (both Eric and I seem to be spending too much time trying to hire people lately), budgeting, writing (being a lawyer is like being a perpetual student - there's always another assignment due and it seems like nothing ever really gets finished. Even when you win a lawsuit or get a bill signed - you still have to spend months on end monitoring implementation), laundry, drs. appointments...

We haven't had a real vacation since 2005 when we went to Belize and Guatemala for two weeks. Lately all I can think about is Belize and our little atoll in the middle of the Caribbean. It was our type of vacation - made for the do-it-yourself adventurers. In order to get to the atoll, we had to take a series of diesel-spewing buses to this mosquito-infested town in the middle of Belize. We had to be there first thing on Saturday morning in order to catch the one boat that made the round-trip trek to the atoll once a week. It was a two hour boat ride to get there, and the entire island was less than a mile in circumference. There was no electricity and we carted in our own food and alcohol from the mainland. And, once we arrived, there was no way back until the boat returned the following week (well, that is a bit of an Angie-embellishment. Some guy did get appendicitis and they just radioed the boat and it came and got him and took him back to the mainland. But, getting back to the mainland wasn't very convenient - or quick - it really wasn't the place to come down with appendicitis. Poor guy).

Before boarding the first bus in Belize City we bought a big cooler (making us look like exceptionally crazy tourists -- who carts a big cooler onto little buses used more typically as commute routes for locals... they thought we were insane. we were.) and before boarding the last bus in some small town in the middle of Belize, we rented a taxi and asked him to take us places where we could fill our cooler. He took us to the ice house - a real ice house! - like in Little House on the Prarie. It was so cool. And then to the alehouse to load up on beer. Surprisingly (or not so surprisingly given how much trouble we went to) we were the only people who brought ice and beer with us... making us the most popular people on the island in the coming week. What's a vacation without a bit (or a lot) of alcohol? Don't let islands in the middle of nowhere hold you back from a good time, that's what I say. Anyway... all of our troubles to bring some brewskies definitely paid off because once we got to the atoll - it was pure relaxation. There were absolutely no distractions (unless you count the storm that blew in and had everyone worrying about whether our little thatched huts were going to be blown to sea). We rationed our beer over the course of the week, snorkeled, kayaked, played a bunch of spades with our new friends, and did a lot of nothing. I want another week in the middle of the Caribbean spent doing nothing.

The next two months are going to be absolutely insane. The amount we have to do at work and home are unbearable to think about. In fact, if I try to think of the whole list, I become completely paralyzed. It's best dealt with one discrete project at a time. Eric and I are both feeling completely strung out - and looking forward to some much needed time off after this baby comes. I know it's strange to think of the period after having a baby as a vacation - but, compared to this last stretch, I don't really see how it could be anything but a vacation. I'm just worried that we won't get it all done - and we'll still have all these endless projects hanging over our heads when she arrives.

Here's to Caribbean dreaming:

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