Sunday, February 17, 2008


We're still here -- we've just been busy. We were both working all last weekend and this weekend we dug into the house remodel (well, I dug into budgeting, cleaning, and list making). The kitchen is no more -- at least not in its old state. There's no turning back at this point.

Eric and Doug (our friend extraordinaire -- without him, the hillside in our backyard would be in our kitchen and this remodel would not be happening!) tore into the walls this weekend. We're down to the studs, and for the next 5 - 6 weeks, it's going to feel like we're camping. It's not too bad, actually. We really haven't had much of a kitchen for the last year and a half -- it actually looks much more spacious then it used to. You can see all the potential now. And going from one work space (an Ikea kitchen cart) to no real work space is really not that big of a sacrifice.

I keep meaning to take pictures - but realized if I keep waiting for pictures, I may never post again. So, I'll just say that I will try to take and post pictures sometime soon.

There's not a lot of other news -- our jobs are keeping us slammed during the week, especially because we need our weekends free to tear up this place, so we are working long hours. But, most everything is going well.

On the pregnancy front - there's not a lot to report. All seems well. She wiggles around like crazy. My back/hips are hurting quite a bit -- I suppose that's to be expected, especially given my back. I switch between sitting on a pilates ball at work and sitting in my chair -- I seem to do better if I mix it up a bit. But, nothing really works that well. But, other than the back issues - all is well.

Take care!

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