Sunday, February 24, 2008

Demolition - Part II

It's been a long week -- even though it was technically a short week (due to President's Day). But, alas, we both worked on Monday and so it was really no shorter than usual. The weekdays are hard because we are attempting to juggle all of our work madness with the prep that needs to be done during the week to make sure we have all the supplies and materials we need to carry out the remodel work we want to do over the weekend. And then, of course, the weekends are hard because we are ripping the place apart. Of course, the weekends are much harder on Eric. I spend the weekends trying to get other parts of our lives in order.

It hasn't been too bad living amongst the partially torn-up kitchen. We are doing the demolition in two phases -- so only the walls that connect the kitchen and bedroom are currently missing.

As promised - here are a few pictures of our kitchen project:

This was what it looked like at the start of our project. Well, this isn't a great shot -- but you can see what was on the walls before we took them out. For those of you who haven't been to our house, this was our only cabinet. You basically walked into the kitchen and then jogged around into a "nook" -- where this cabinet was and where the door to the bedroom was (you can see it in this photo to the left of to the cabinet). It was far from an efficient layout.

So, we're moving the bedroom door - when we're done, it will be straight shot from the living room into the bedroom. This picture was taken at the beginning of the demolition -- the new door will be where this wall is.

And these photos were taken after the demo was complete -- when we got down to the studs. The wall adjoining the bedroom and the kitchen has to be moved a bit to allow enough room for the new door to be installed. So, for the time being, we can see from our bedroom into the kitchen and vice versa (although, now Eric has framed up most of the new wall, so it doesn't look as open anymore):

And here are a few of my favorite pictures. In this one, you can see where we cut through the house -- now it's nice and breezy in the evening. Perfect for those cozy February evenings!

And, the current state of our electrical system:

It's a bit of chaos! But, you can see from the photos that part of the kitchen is still standing. We'll finish putting in the bedroom door and the wall that connects the bedroom and the kitchen, and then once we have those walls back in place, we can move onto the part of the kitchen that currently houses the refrigerator and the sink. I think doing it in stages helps it to feel a little less chaotic and makes it more liveable during the week. Although, this next week will be a little challenging, I suspect, just because everything is really pretty torn up at the moment.

Cheers to all! Here's wishing you a good week!

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