Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Daycare - check!

She won't be here for another 3.5 months (unless she comes early -- and let's just not talk about that...) and she is already signed up for daycare. Aren't we good little task masters?

Infant day care can be incredibly hard to come by, so we decided to investigate early. Eric went to a class back in December about choosing infant daycare in the Bay Area, so that we could learn the lay of the land. One of the best infant daycare centers happens to be incredibly close to our house -- so we stopped by one day about a month after Eric went to the class. Even though we just dropped in, the staff was incredibly nice and they gave us a tour and answered all of our questions. The center only takes children under 24 months (they have an infant room and a toddler room) and is in a beautiful old Victorian home with a huge backyard. Here's a picture:

Everyone was really nice and we felt very comfortable with the place. The other positive factors are they have a lot of different schedules that you can opt into and they are only closed one week out of the year (Christmas week). We want to do three full days a week, with both Eric and I being home one day a week and we greatly prefer getting to choose which weeks we take off during the year, rather than having forced vacation.

We went back this week to meet with the Director. She told us they have a child that is leaving on December 17th (because he's turning 2) and so we could have his spot -- which is really perfect. It means we have to pay for a couple of weeks in December that we won't really use (especially because they are closed one of those weeks) -- but that will ensure that we have a spot starting in the new year. We paid our deposit today (which puts us on the waitlist), and we're at the top of the list for a spot starting at the end of the year.

It feels good to have this task (mostly) completed. Unless something unforeseen happens, we should be able to get into this center. I suppose the child we are replacing could end up leaving sooner and that no other children would be ready to go within the December/January time frame, so we are going to have to line up a back-up option. But, it feels good to have gotten this far with the process and hopefully it all works out.

I'm a few days shy of 26 weeks - the start of the third trimester - which has been accompanied by swollen hands and feet. Fun! Also, although I have nothing to compare it to, I think she may be among the kickiest babies ever. The other morning I was mentioning (complaining is such a negative term, don't you think?) the extreme kickage to Eric and he put his hand on my belly and I said, "oh no. You totally don't have to feel it. Just watch." And, sure enough, my belly started to bounce with her repeated kicks and jabs. Active, that one.

How is it possible we're starting the third trimester? We have been trying to do so much the last six months that we've hardly had a chance to look up. It's one of those periods that, in the past, I would be almost unaware of the passage of time. Except, of course, that this isn't like crazed periods of the past becuase my ever expanding belly has me keeping track of every week. It feels like being in a race --someone keeps calling out my time with every lap and it just makes me realize how much faster I need to go if I'm to have any chance of a decent finish. And, for these last few laps, it seems both Eric and I need to kick into an an all-out sprint. It's a bit unnerving -- but we're hanging in there.

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