Thursday, January 31, 2008

21 Weeks

We just got back from another doctor appointment -- so many appointments while you're pregnant! All is well. Our doctor reassured us that the placenta/cervix issue is no big deal and said that in 99.9% of cases, it does not end up being a problem. She also told us that everything else they checked in the ultrasound last week (heart, kidneys, spine, brain, bones, etc) looks great. So, that was good to hear. We listened to her heart for awhile (which is always cool), and the dr. told us everything else with the pregnancy is on track (the baby's growth, my weight gain, etc). All in all, a fine appointment.

There isn't much more to report. We did start cutting into the kitchen walls last weekend -- so it may be a crazy month in terms of home remodeling. I'll post pictures of the chaos once we get into the thick of it.



Kathryn J said...

Yay for ripping down walls! And of course for healthy kidney, brains, etc. Grin. Cannot wait to meet her.

Janet said...

Good news! Like getting the Hobbes Report. Good idea.

ttyl, Janet

Tom said...

Always good to tear into a remodel in the middle of pregnancy. Changing jobs would be fun too! Especially combined with moving. I'll get you a sawzall for the baby shower.